Veggie Adventure

Explore mouthwatering Veggie/Vegan foods in Chiang Mai

Till to my well-traveled experiences, I’ve also taken on the role of a travel guide, specifically Buddhism and Vegetarian/vegan related.

Veggie adventure is one of the tours I’ve developed.

Get ready for a delicious food journey through tasting, wandering around the local organic market, and exploring healthy vegan products in the supermarket!

Chiang Mai oozes culture, art, nature and possibly the most varied and extensive selection of vegetarian eateries in Thailand. With me as your local insider, you’ll learn everything you need to know!

Being a vegetarian in Chiang Mai is like living in a paradise, as the local farms are just a few hours away from the city, there’s a great selection of fresh produce, vegetables, and fruits.

*Featured in the Youtube video: The BEST 10 Things to do in Chiang Mai – Handpicked by Locals