Monk Key

Cancer didn’t kill me, Cancer inspires me

Tongue in cheek, humorous and philosophical, Monk Key is a candid look into the life of a young adult battling cancer, but with a strong Buddhist influence. It’s more like an adult children’s book. It’s emotional, educational, heartfelt, and totally original. It is a book that deals with the social side of cancer, as a son, a friend and an individual. It is a story of coping with uncertainty, the reactions of others and living with them too. It documents the total shock and utter fear that a diagnosis brings and the acceptance of surrendering to a treatment that brings its own baggage yet ultimately insures life. It talks about transforming all the negativity into positive means. Yet at the very root of the book, ahead of the fear and disappointment, there is humour and laughter. Though the story of cancer has been told before, it has not been told like this.