Height: 1.78m  |  Weight: 73Kg  |  Waistline: 33

My love of acting didn’t start at an early age. I love watching movies and seeing different characters manifesting on the screen, but I never thought of becoming an actor till I was given the opportunity to enroll in Zoom acting academy at the age of 41.

To me, acting feels therapeutic to me, knowing I can release my emotions in the characters I’m portraying. Shortly after my graduation, I landed a tiny role, acting as a “Director” in MediaCorp drama, Heartland Hero (邻里帮) Episode 103.

I love playing complementary characters as they are often just as important to the execution of a story as the main character is. They often bring the problem and/or the climax. They can aid the hero in reaching a goal. Oftentimes, the ultimate success or failure of a project depends on the supporting cast, and I know this intimately. I hope to be a part of that cast in your endeavor to show just what I can do.

“Comment from Huang Guan Rong Director:

“語文能力好,表演欲族。對角色有所設計, 熱情投入演出”